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Humperdink is a female whale that was first photographed by the photo-ID team in 2005.  Humperdink is also a satellite tagged whale that no longer displays the scars that some of the other satellite tagged whales display.  She was tagged in 2000 and all that remains is the bowl shaped scar on her dorsal ridge.  Humperdink is a presumed mother based on photos taken with an accompanying calf. 


Left-side image of Humperdink

Beautiful Lake

Right-side of Humperdink with satellite tag attached. Photo courtesy of NMFS. NMFS satellite-tag capture photos taken under permits # 957 and 782-1438 (Amendment 3).

Grass and Flowers

Right-side photo of Humperdink.

Right-side photo of Humperdink accompanied by a calf.

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